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“By leveraging PRODA’s automation software, we’re optimizing our rent roll data processes and streamlining operations. Automation and data standardization provide a solid base for greater data governance and more informed decision-making across our Real Estate business.

Anne-Jan Jager
MD, Private Real Estate
Partners Group

“So much of [the team’s] time has been freed up by PRODA to do more analytical work and decision-making based on data.”

Asset management client

“PRODA allows us to work with the data, without having to work on the data.”

Asset management client

Instantly translate rent rolls from sellers or brokers to your underwriting model

Get from raw data to insight in no time with PRODA’s automatic rent roll extraction and analysis.

Build up invaluable market intelligence by logging all rent roll data that comes across your desk.

Spot errors and inconsistencies.

Analyze deals, create custom tables, visualize, and track changes in data quickly and easily.

See tenants’ financial risk.

Connect data to other software with PRODA’s API.

Case study

An incorrect value on a spreadsheet that nearly cost €1 million

A client had a rent roll for a large shopping centre with three floors. The rent charged is based on the footfall of the unit’s location in the shopping centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which templates or formats does the rent roll need to be in?

PRODA can process any format: Excel, PDF, MRI, Yardi...

Does PRODA work with PDFs?

Yes. We can extract rent roll data from any PDF that is generated by a property management system.

Which countries can PRODA collect rent rolls from?

PRODA can process rent roll data from any country and in any language.

Will PRODA work for offices, residential/multifamily, retail, industrial, or logistics?

PRODA works for any property asset class.

How can I export data from PRODA?

You can export data from PRODA by copying to clipboard, downloading to Excel, or by or exporting the API in whatever format you'd like.

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