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Did you know teams spend up to 1/3 of their time collecting and processing data in real estate?

PRODA can help you to collect, aggregate and error-check your rent roll data up to 90% faster and from anywhere.

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Why use PRODA

Get more accurate data, ready for analysis, valuations and reporting.

Up to 90%

Faster rent roll processing


Companies using PRODA

1.3bn m²


6m+ units


”The leading asset management firms using PRODA not only gain accuracy, availability, and security of their most important data, thus allowing their team focus on valued added tasks, they are also creating an unfair competitive advantage by utilizing cutting-edge, AI-enabled capabilities to obliterate the status quo.”

Tanguy Quero
Investment Principal, JLL Spark

Capture. Standardize. Error-check. Analyze. 

Easily collect rent rolls from your property managers/joint venture partners and their systems.

Standardize and aggregate all your rent roll data automatically.

Spot errors and inconsistencies instantly.

Analyze your portfolio, create custom tables, visualize, and track changes in your data quickly and easily.

Track your tenants’ financial risk.

Connect your data to other software with PRODA’s API.

Case study

An incorrect value on a spreadsheet that nearly cost €1 million

A client had a rent roll for a large shopping centre with three floors. The rent charged is based on the footfall of the unit’s location in the shopping centre.

”Many asset management tasks, like tracking financials and tenant changes, are manually intensive and inefficient. I see a significant opportunity for asset managers, particularly where AI can simplify these processes.

“Physical operations of buildings…are more complex to upgrade technologically. However, processes reliant on human input, like data entry and spreadsheet management, represent low-hanging fruit for AI integration. AI could streamline these tasks, allowing asset managers to focus on optimizing strategies rather spending their efforts on manual data handling.”

Ronan Curran
Advisory MD of Financial Due Diligence, KPMG US

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which template/format does the rent roll need to be in?

PRODA can process any format: Excel, PDF, MRI, Yardi...

    Can I use PDFs?

    Yes. We can extract rent roll data from any PDF that is generated by a property management system.

    Which countries can PRODA collect rent rolls from?

    PRODA can process rent roll data from any country and in any language.

    Will PRODA work for offices, residential/multifamily, retail, industrial, or logistics?

    PRODA works for any property asset class.

    How can I export data from PRODA?

    You can export data from PRODA by copying to clipboard, downloading to Excel, or by or exporting the API in whatever format you'd like.

    Can PRODA integrate with other software?

    Yes, you can process REST APIs to connect to asset management, business intelligence tools, data lakes, warehouses or any other software.

    Can PRODA extract from leases themselves?

    PRODA’s main focus is on rent roll data. While the platform extracts data from multiple formats, it’s currently not designed for data extraction from leases themselves.

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    Collect. Extract. Standardize. Analyze.