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From raw data to insights in no time

Get standardized, error-checked rent roll data from any format into your format and make analysis, quarterly reporting and valuation a breeze. 

Trusted by 100+ companies

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Meet your new rent roll expert

Using PRODA is like hiring a rent roll processing expert who has experience at leading real estate companies, who completes tasks instantly, spots errors immediately, never stops learning, and never quits.


More easily, quickly and securely collect rent rolls


Automatically get the data out of Excel, PDFs and property management systems


Turn messy data automatically into consistent data


Instantly identify potential errors and inconsistencies


Generate insights from your data in no time

What our clients say

PRODA’s product addresses the historically manual activity of processing clean rent roll data and will drive meaningful efficiency gains across the underwriting and asset management activity within our real estate business.”

John Fitzpatrick
Senior Managing Director

Every time we receive a rent roll from a client or advisor, we realize significant time savings. This allows us to respond swiftly to opportunities since the data is ready for analysis in minutes, enhancing our efficiency. Moreover, we are reassured by the fact that the data has been thoroughly checked for errors.”

Peter Anthuber
Chief Investment Officer
CAERUS Debt Investments

At ING Real Estate, we are keen on exploring and validating innovations in the Real Estate domain. PRODA’s initiative stood out and we decided to pilot their tool with the help and support of our most valued global clients, who agreed to share their rent roll data for piloting purposes. The automated, digitized, and standardized data output as provided by the PRODA tool, significantly sped up the processing of client data.”

Mike Shields
EMEA Head of Real Estate


More easily, quickly and securely collect rent rolls.

Use PRODA to collect data from your property managers, operating/JV partners and clients or directly from their systems.

Allow anyone to use PRODA – no technical knowledge required. Free, on-demand training via our Academy and live sessions.


Getting rent roll data extracted manually from Excel, PDFs or any other format is error-prone and time-consuming. Save time and the risk of errors.

PRODA automatically extracts the data from any format and performs repetitive tasks consistently, without getting tired and without the risk of human error.


With PRODA, you can convert any rent roll format into your format without the need to manually populate a template, saving you time, frustration and the risk of introducing errors.

PRODA automatically standardizes so you don’t have to. See your data swiftly standardized across all your properties – regardless of country, currency or format.

Get standardized tenant names, with information on tenant–parent company structure and business sectors, and tenant credit ratings.


PRODA finds errors or inconsistencies by running 100s of checks to improve data quality and monitors any changes for greater accuracy.

Instantly track changes: quickly understand what’s changed in your portfolio on an aggregated or granular level – down to each, individual data point.

Efficiently monitor rent roll changes and always know what’s happening.


PRODA turns raw data into information in no time so you can skip to one of the most valuable aspects of your job: analysis.

Use PRODA’s analytics and charting tool for deeper insights to help make valuable decisions. 

Create and save custom tables to view or export your data exactly in the format you need it.​

Manage your tenant risk: identify exposure to a particular tenant or parent company, industry sector or country and assess the creditworthiness of tenants in your portfolio.

Evaluate in PRODA, in Excel, in PowerBI and in other business intelligence tools.

Export in Excel or in a format to match your underwriting model.

Use PRODA’s API to automatically get rent roll data into any other software.

Trusted by 100+ companies, including some of the leading names in real estate

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Quick launch, zero maintenance

Set up PRODA easily and start using PRODA as early as day one.

Allow anyone to use PRODA – no technical knowledge required. Free, on-demand training via our Academy and live sessions.

Escape from software maintenance. Instead, benefit from regular app updates based on user feedback.

Get answers quickly from someone who knows your business, with our dedicated, in-house rent roll experts. Average response time is 2 minutes, with an “excellent” customer satisfaction score of 97%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which template/format does the rent roll need to be in?

PRODA can process any format: Excel, PDF, MRI, Yardi...

Can I use PDFs?

Yes. We can extract rent roll data from any PDF that is generated by a property management system.

Which countries can PRODA collect rent rolls from?

PRODA can process rent roll data from any country and in any language.

Will PRODA work for offices, residential/multifamily, retail, industrial, or logistics?

PRODA works for any property asset class.

How can I export data from PRODA?

You can export data from PRODA by copying to clipboard, downloading to Excel, or by exporting the API in whatever format you'd like.

Can PRODA integrate with other software?

Yes, you can process REST APIs to connect to asset management, business intelligence tools, data lakes, warehouses or any other software.

Can PRODA extract from leases themselves?

PRODA’s main focus is on rent roll data. While the platform extracts data from multiple formats, it’s currently not designed for data extraction from leases themselves.

We already have existing software systems to manage property data. Why use PRODA?

PRODA normally sits between your various property/asset management systems and you can use it as a staging environment before it goes into your quarterly reporting.

We use sophisticated Excel spreadsheets. Why would we change our processes?

PRODA doesn't replace Excel but enhances it. The platform can integrate with your current workflows, adding robust data validation, consistency, checks and automation that reduces manual errors and saves time. This way, you get higher-quality data automatically into your Excel templates faster.

What changes would we need to make to our existing system?

PRODA works seamlessly with your existing system, offering a plug-and-play solution that enhance functionality without any complicated set-up.

We're building our own software in-house. What's the advantage of using third party software?

Building in-house software can offer customization, but using PRODA brings immediate advantages. It provides a ready-to-use, proven solution with ongoing support and updates. You save on development time and costs while benefiting from our dedicated focus on real estate data management. This ensures you have a robust, industry-specific tool that scales with your needs.

Some of our clients initially considered in-house solutions but chose PRODA. They've seen significant time and cost savings, better scalability and enjoy peace of mind with our expert support.

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