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After evaluating and testing a variety of potential tools, PRODA proved to offer the most time-savings and data quality improvement whilst enabling easy access to and analysis of our portfolio data. Their automation and machine-learning technology offers a game-changing advantage.”

Daniel Novoa
MD, Blackstone

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Meet your new rent roll expert

Using PRODA is like hiring a rent roll processing expert who has experience at leading real estate companies, who completes tasks instantly, spots errors immediately, never stops learning, and never quits.


More easily, quickly and securely collect rent rolls


Automatically get the data out of Excel, PDFs and property management systems


Turn messy data automatically into consistent data


Instantly identify potential errors and inconsistencies


Generate insights from your data in no time

Work with rent roll data from any format: Excel, PDF, MRI, Yardi…

Rent rolls come in different formats such as Excel and PDFs, different project management systems such as Yardi and MRI, in different languages and currencies, from different countries and for different assets.

PRODA takes your source files and converts, standardizes and error-checks the rent roll data so you don’t have to. Skip the manual prep work and go straight to analysis.

What our clients say

Rent roll data is the foundation of our day-to-day work in asset and investment management; it’s vital that it’s both accurate and consistent. PRODA takes away much of the legwork associated with managing these complex, dynamic data sets, enabling our teams to produce reports and access actionable insights at the touch of a button.”

Jean-Phillippe Blangy
Senior Partner, Tristan Capital

At ING Real Estate we are keen on exploring and validating innovations in the Real Estate domain, PRODA’s initiative stood out and we decided to pilot their tool with the help and support of our most valued global clients, who agreed to share their rent roll data for piloting purposes. The automated, digitized, and standardized data output as provided by the PRODA tool, significantly sped up the processing of client data.

Mike Shields
EMEA Head of Real Estate, ING

Every time we receive a rent roll from a client or advisor, we realize significant time savings. This allows us to respond swiftly to opportunities since the data is ready for analysis in minutes, enhancing our efficiency. Moreover, we are reassured by the fact that the data has been thoroughly checked for errors.”

Peter Anthuber
Chief Investment Officer
CAERUS Debt Investments

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