Analyze rent roll data with just a prompt

Accelerate reporting and meet tight deadlines easily with the first AI tool that automates rent roll analysis and drafts reports. Hit the button below to try out PRODA Assistant with demo data.

Meet your new real estate analyst

Using PRODA Assistant is like working with a rent roll expert who instantly answers questions, helps you write reports, produces tables, and visualizes your data in no time so you can make decisions quickly and easily.

Ask questions

Reduce time and effort by getting instant answers to all your rent roll queries

Get written analysis

Obtain machine-generated summaries, analysis and reports in minutes

Produce tables

Save hours by using prompts to query and aggregate data and perform calculations

Create charts

Visualize your data instantly with lease expiry profiles, pie charts and bar charts

Ask questions

Easily locate specific data points in vast datasets without wading through reams of data.

Quickly perform calculations that would take hours to do on spreadsheets.

Get key metrics at a glance. Aggregate data from thousands of units to instantly see lease expiries in the upcoming quarter and their impact on rent and occupancy, for instance.

Get written analysis

Speed up data analysis and report-writing and meet tight deadlines.

Summarize rent rolls in minutes – even ones with thousands of rows – to make report-writing a breeze.

Highlight the risks and opportunities to obtain crucial portfolio insights.

Create customized reports with summaries, analysis, tables and visualizations (coming soon).

Produce tables

Save hours of your time – use prompts to query and aggregate data and perform calculations right away.

Instantly transform the data into easy-to-read tables.

Follow up with additional questions or requests to build up your insights or reports.

Create charts

Effortlessly produce a range of charts for better decision-making, such as:

lease expiry profiles

pie charts, bar charts, comparative and stacked charts

stacking plans (coming soon)

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I use PRODA Assistant with our own data?

We’re aiming to release the next phase of PRODA Assistant in Q2, 2024. PRODA Assistant will access your data that’s already on the PRODA platform so you can analyze it, write summaries, produce tables and create charts for reports.

Can I customize the reports?

Yes. Soon you’ll be able to work with our team to create reports tailored to your specific needs, based on any example reports that you already have.

How much will PRODA Assistant cost?

The demo version of PRODA Assistant is free for all users. To use PRODA Assistant with your own data, you’ll need a PRODA subscription with the Assistant add-on.

Is my data kept private?

Any questions you ask and any data you analyze will not be used to train models. The feedback you provide will only be used to improve PRODA Assistant.

Our models are hosted on trusted platforms like Azure and AWS, ensuring the highest level of security. To identify abuse, they will retain data for up to 30 days, after which it will be deleted (unless otherwise required by law).

Which languages does PRODA Assistant understand?

PRODA Assistant can understand and respond in English, German, French and Dutch.

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