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Receiving rent roll data in Excel, PDFs, CSVs… in endless different formats from your borrowers makes efficient loan underwriting and reporting impossible. PRODA automatically extracts, standardizes and error-checks your rent roll data.

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“As ING Real Estate, we are keen on exploring and validating innovations in the Real Estate domain. PRODA’s initiative stood out and we decided to pilot their tool with the help and support of our most valued global clients, who agreed to share their rent roll data for piloting purposes.

The automated, digitized and standardized data output, as provided by the PRODA tool, significantly sped up the processing of client data.”

Mike Shields
EMEA Head of Real Estate ING

Why use PRODA

Reduce time, costs and risk and get insights to make decisions faster.

Up to 90%

Faster rent roll processing


Companies using PRODA

1.3bn m²


6m+ units


Fast-track rent roll data from clients by up to 90% 

Easily collect rent rolls from your clients.

Standardize and aggregate all your clients’ rent roll data automatically.

Spot errors and inconsistencies instantly.

Analyze your portfolio, create custom tables, visualize, and track changes in your data quickly and easily.

Connect data to other software with PRODA’s API.

Case study

An incorrect value on a spreadsheet that nearly cost €1 million

A client had a rent roll for a large shopping centre with three floors. The rent charged is based on the footfall of the unit’s location in the shopping centre.

“As Europe’s largest third-party loan servicer, Mount Street reviews thousands of tenancy schedules every year and a partnership with PRODA aligns perfectly with our commitment to innovation and excellence.

The integration of their automation tool with CreditHub, our proprietary Loan Servicing platform, will drive unprecedented efficiency and insight, materially improving the speed at which we can review reporting data and enhancing our ability to deliver outstanding value to our clients.”

Serenity Morley
Managing Director of Loan Servicing, Mount Street

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which template/format does the rent roll need to be in?

PRODA can process any format: Excel, PDF, MRI, Yardi...

Can I use PDFs?

Yes. We can extract rent roll data from any PDF that's generated by a property management system.

Which countries can PRODA collect rent rolls from?

PRODA can process rent roll data from any country and in any language.

Will PRODA work for offices, residential/multifamily, retail, industrial, or logistics?

PRODA works for any property asset class.

How can I export data from PRODA?

You can export data from PRODA by copying to clipboard, downloading to Excel, or by or exporting the API in whatever format you'd like.

We already have existing software systems to manage property data. Why use PRODA?

PRODA normally sits between your various property/asset management systems and you can use it as a staging environment before it goes into your quarterly reporting.

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Collect. Extract. Standardize. Analyze.