How CAERUS uses PRODA to speed up data processing times for underwriting and lender reporting

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CAERUS Debt Investments is an investment manager specializing in private real estate debt. To date, they have originated loans exceeding EUR 2.67 billion.

A pivotal function they undertake is the swift assessment of assets and their associated cash flows for potential investments. This process includes a thorough evaluation and analysis of rent roll data.

Moreover, for every quarterly report, the rent rolls of over 300 assets must be updated. Any changes in these rent rolls need to be identified, verified for plausibility, and assessed.

The Challenge

Previously, CAERUS had to manually process rent rolls for evaluation purposes. This required significant time to standardize each spreadsheet received from clients and subsequently verify the data for accuracy.

The Outcome

Upon discovering PRODA, which provided an automated rent roll collection solution, CAERUS quickly seized the opportunity. Now, when they receive rent rolls, they simply drag and drop files into PRODA.

PRODA automatically extracts, standardizes, checks the data for errors and generates output files that can be used in their underwriting and quarterly reporting.

This automation not only conserves precious time for CAERUS, saving an average of 1–2 hours per rent roll. It also minimizes the likelihood of mistakes. Consequently, data preparation for subsequent evaluation now takes merely minutes.

Peter Anthuber, Chief Investment Officer, commented, “Every time we receive a rent roll from a client or advisor, we realize significant time savings. This allows us to respond swiftly to opportunities since the data is ready for analysis in minutes, enhancing our efficiency. Moreover, we are reassured by the fact that the data has been thoroughly checked for errors.”

CAERUS’s move from manual rent roll processing to PRODA’s automated solution has generated efficiency improvements while allowing them to focus on making well-informed investment decisions that drive their success in the world of real estate debt management.

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