Save time on rent roll data processing

Picture the scene. It’s Thursday evening. You have been asked to provide an update on the property portfolio that you manage in time for a presentation first thing, tomorrow morning. You pour yourself another coffee and sit trawling through endless rent roll spreadsheets trying to piece it all together as the clock ticks by.

9am approaches and you finally finish pulling the required data together, before hurriedly putting it into a presentable format. You only have time for a very quick review before firing it over and crossing your fingers that everything is accurate and as it should be.

That scenario may be one you’re familiar with or can relate to. It’s actually that same scenario that our founders repeatedly found themselves in during their time in the real estate investment industry. Indeed, it’s that scenario that led to the launch of PRODA.

Wading through hundreds of disparate files, coupled with a lack of standardisation means that manually trying to collate accurate rent roll data is hugely stressful, very often inaccurate and always highly inefficient. Add to that the last-minute deadlines set by both customers and colleagues and the whole thing can fast become a real nightmare. But the reality is that it doesn’t have to be…

Across town that same Thursday evening, another individual has also been asked to compile the latest portfolio update – again on the same tight deadline. But by utilising the power of rent roll data automation technology, the task is completed in just 10% of the time, with full assurance over accuracy, and in a standardised format from which the fund manager can work.

The contrast couldn’t be starker for the real estate professionals who will end up using that data too. One will be making potentially poor, high-importance decisions without assurance of accurate data. The other will be making smart, risk-free (or risk minimised) decisions based on quick, accurate and high-quality data.

So, what makes the difference? Put simply, true rent roll automation by PRODA:

  • By enabling true rent roll data automation, we reduce data processing time by up to 95% to save individuals and companies valuable time and resources
  • By collating and standardising data from disparate sources, we ensure that all parties work from a single ‘data language’ to facilitate seamless sharing and collaboration across teams and companies
  • By automating rent roll data processing, we ensure that data compiled is error-free and accurate, to minimise the stress and huge risks associated with manually collating rent roll data

The reality is that so many individuals and companies still find themselves in that nightmarish first scenario, compiling rent roll data manually and expending vast amounts of time and stress doing so. PRODA exists to alleviate that nightmare, helping real estate professionals achieve faster, better, error-free rent roll data processing and analysis, without the stress.

Discover more about how we achieve that for the likes of ING and Union Investment by booking a demo or contacting us.

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