Automating a single rent roll: a client’s journey from 20 hours of manual processing of an 85-page Yardi PDF to 10 minutes

The Challenge

A client wanted to process their rent roll data for their financial reporting periods. It came as an 85-page PDF that had been exported from Yardi.

As they didn’t have capacity in-house to regularly extract the data into a format they could use on their systems, they outsourced the work.

The outsourced company took several working days – which is lost time to the business – and billed 20 hours of manual processing time.

Sustaining concentration on detailed work like this for such long periods also carries the risk of errors being introduced into the data.

The Outcome

The client then heard about PRODA’s automation software that can easily capture and standardise rent roll data – even from complex relational data stored in PDFs.

The client’s rent roll data was dropped onto the platform and, within 10 minutes, all the rent roll data was mapped to their data model while the employee relaxed with a coffee. Their data had also been checked for errors and was ready for analysis.

This time-saving of over 99% means clients spend less time processing their rent roll data and more time analysing it for key financial decisions.

Ready to save time on your outsourced and/or manual processes for your rent roll data? Talk to us today about how we can help your business by booking a demo or contacting us.

Ready to save time on your manual processes for your rent roll data?

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Collect. Extract. Standardize. Analyze.