PRODA Announce Formal Proof of Concept Agreement With ING

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We are very pleased to announce that PRODA have entered into a formal Proof of Concept agreement with ING.

ING are one of the largest real estate lenders in Europe, with a strong reputation in real estate financing that spans globally; serving a total of 38.4 million customers, corporate clients and financial institutions in over 40 countries. ING are recognised as leaders for their use of technology in the real estate industry, and as true innovators in the space.

PRODA have combined real estate expertise with data science to develop machine learning-enabled software for the automation of rent roll data analysis and reporting in the real estate industry, with a firm focus on solving core data-processing pain points.

ING will pilot PRODA to streamline their own rent roll data processes. The initial roll-out will be to the Netherlands, France, and the UK, and will be used to manage data from 3-4 clients, per country. When successful, PRODA will be deployed to the wider ING infrastructure.

Automation is a key driver of digital transformation in every industry, and we feel this is a major step for both ING and PRODA. We are very excited to develop our relationship with ING during the Proof of Concept phase and feel this is a true demonstration of the innovative and exciting approach ING are taking. We also appreciate the opportunity that this partnership represents for PRODA, and are very excited to have our first banking relationship be with one of the largest names in the industry.

– Peter Bredthauer (CEO & Co-Founder of PRODA)

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