PRODA’S Insights on Big Data For #TechCBRE

PRODA at #techcbre

As part of CBRE’s ongoing #TechCBRE campaign, PRODA provided insights on big data and automation as prevailing megatrends reshaping real estate. 

“If big data is the new oil, then commercial real estate data is the type of oil that is plentiful and valuable, but it’s very difficult to extract and expensive to use.”

Peter Bredthauer, CEO PRODA

CBRE highlighted the potential of automation to enhance day-to-day experience for real estate professionals, noting that they ‘can use the freed-up time to engage in more intellectual, cognitive tasks, not only improving productivity, but improving engagement and fulfillment.’

You can follow the #TechCBRE megatrends campaign here, and view the full coverage of PRODA’s contribution here.

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