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Relying on inconsistent, inaccurate or inaccessible data to do your job is frustrating and time-consuming.

With PRODA managing your rent roll for you, you can instantly capture and consolidate flawless versions of your rent roll data – unlocking its true value in a matter of seconds.

The result? You can analyse and report easily, without needing to spend hours manually combing through data.

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  • Increase process efficiencies

    • Faster report generation
    • Shorter investment and reporting cycles
  • Improved data-driven decision making 

    • More accurate leasing assumptions
    • Improved exposure and risk management
  • Enhanced data access

    • Build a clean, standardised repository of tenancy data
    • Have instant access to comparative data
  • Smooth integration with existing systems

    • Streamlined data standardisation
    • Easily transform data into any format

The Power of PRODA

With PRODA, you can gain actionable insights from your data quickly and easily.

  • Reduce rent roll processing times by up to 95%* with PRODA

    Win back time to focus on value add tasks.
    *Based on feedback from PRODA users

  • Automatically capture, check and store property data

    PRODA does all the hard work for you – capturing, standardising, error checking, and securely storing property data.

  • Instantly track changes against any time series

    Cut hours of boring, manual work, analysing endless rows of data with our built-in track changes feature – ideal for quarterly reporting.

  • Keep your data safe and secure

    PRODA provides end-to-end security for your peace of mind.

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  • Easy-to-use interface

    Simply drag and drop your data into PRODA for a clean, standardised rent roll – ready for analysis in a matter of minutes.

  • Large data sets? No problem

    PRODA grows with you – the more data you input, the faster PRODA learns, eliminating time spent on large data sets.

  • Standardised without imposing a standard

    Your new, clean standardised data can be integrated into any target system’s format, for easy and accurate data insights.

  • Protecting your investments, reducing risk

    PRODA tracks inconsistencies, completes validation checks, and flags errors. You can make smarter decisions with PRODA.

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PRODA for Real Estate Companies

Designed to make property management quicker, easier and more consistent, PRODA was created to solve the most time-consuming and frustrating commercial real estate industry problem there is: the rent roll. 

Our goal is to empower real estate professionals to quickly gain actionable insights from their data and use software more effectively to unlock the full potential of their businesses.

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PRODA for Tech Companies

Working with multiple PropTech companies can become frustrating due to the distinct lack of integration capabilities between platforms. 

PRODA is the perfect solution: it automatically creates standard input formats and ensures the input data is validated and standardised for the target software – increasing user adoption rates.

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Reviews & Kind Words

  • Andrew Baum

    Improving the quality of real estate data is a pre-requisite for unlocking its true value. Through automated data capture and standardisation, PRODA is foundational tool supporting other technologies to jump over the barrier of inconsistence data.

    Professor Andrew Baum

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Last week saw PRODA celebrating 1 year since launch! 🎉
To mark the occasion, our CRO, David Oates spoke to @UKProptech Read the interview below:
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2 weeks ago, our CRO David Oates, hosted a fireside chat ft. Professor Andrew Baum to discuss the future of real estate with more than 1500 real estate professionals. Catch up in the Real Estate Futureproof eBook, here:

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