• Less time spent on quarterly reporting cycles

    Faster report generation with PRODA = shorter reporting cycles for you. Cut the time spent on quarterly reporting with PRODA’s track changes features, and free up valuable time for you and your teams to concentrate on real, revenue generating tasks.

  • Make faster, smarter business decisions

    Investors and operating partners alike, base their biggest investment decisions on the core data set – the rent roll. PRODA empowers you to make smarter data-driven, business decisions by providing you with error-checking tools to make accurate predictions about risk and market trends, for the future.

  • End to end security

    Upload your data with confidence. Security is at the forefront of PRODA’s operations, which is why we provide end to end security, for your peace of mind, and to support you compliance with your individual industry standards.

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  • Seamless integration with existing systems

    Transfer data from PRODA to any of your existing internal models and systems with ease – this makes for smooth collaboration between all of your chosen programs, and internal teams; ensuring consistent dataflow through your whole organisation.

  • Reduce inconsistencies, increase accuracy

    There’s less room for error with PRODA. Error checking and tracking features within PRODA reduce the possibility of errors in your rent roll drastically, something not previously possible with increased chances of human error from eye-balling masses of data for hours on end.

  • Your all-in-one solution

    PRODA – your centralised database. Build a clean, standardised repository of tenancy data in just a few simple steps, all within PRODA, ready for you to gain actionable data insights, instantly.

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  • Efficient rent roll data processing

    You may have tens of thousands of rent rolls to manually process, which is both a time-consuming and non-productive task.

    PRODA allows your team to focus on business-critical tasks rather than data processing and checking.

  • Automate your entire rent roll data process

    PRODA does the hard work so you and your team don’t have to.

    Harness the power of PRODA’s AI enabled, machine learning technology to automate your entire rent roll data process.

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What the Market Says

  • Andrew Baum

    Improving the quality of real estate data is a pre-requisite for unlocking its true value. Through automated data capture and standardisation, PRODA is foundational tool supporting other technologies to jump over the barrier of inconsistence data.

    Professor Andrew Baum